'Pocket Keepsakes’ (Option To Personalise) - Rainbow Of Hope - Hope
'Pocket Keepsakes’ (Option To Personalise) - Rainbow Of Hope - Hope
'Pocket Keepsakes’ (Option To Personalise) - Rainbow Of Hope - Hope

'Pocket Keepsakes’ (Option To Personalise) - Rainbow Of Hope - Hope

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10% of the sale price of this item will be donated to Cure Leukaemia.

‘Pocket Keepsakes’ by Vicky Yorke Designs is a collection of very special gifts, which are sized and shaped like a credit card and printed with a heartfelt message. Your loved one can keep your sentiment with them at all times by placing the ‘Pocket Keepsake’ in their pocket or in a wallet to take with them wherever they go. A particularly poignant gift during the current pandemic - make sure your loved ones feel you with them even when you can’t physically be there.  

The keepsake features stylish hand lettering with the reflective sentiment 'Hope - Where There's A Rainbow There's Hope' and a simple illustration of a rainbow. 

The pandemic means it has been an incredibly difficult and unusual year for many and while some will want to forget, many will look to commemorate a period of time that has been like no other. This is a special message of hope and a keepsake to remember the time when we sadly lost so many and many experienced great hardship, but we pulled together in our communities to support each other, to cheer on our key workers and to move forward with kindness and compassion. The perfect way to mark this historically important time for the world and a lovely gift to say thank you to our key workers. 

Made from lightweight aluminium, which is coated on one side and printed with a design, which can be personalised. The reverse is uncoated aluminium ( - silver colour).

Buy as non-personalised, or personalised by selecting the appropriate option from the 'style' box above. 

To personalise this keepsake: 

Email quoting your order number

Personalised options: Up to 10 names in the position shown on the photograph. (Please contact me if you require more than 10 names to check that they will fit).   

Please write the names to appear on the keepsake carefully. They will appear on the keepsake exactly as you have typed.

The ’Pocket Keepsake’ is presented on an A6 recycled backing card with a decorative rainbow pattern and space for a short gift message. Supplied with a recycled C6 kraft envelope. Individually packaged in a bio-based film for protection (- compostable, biodegradable, recyclable).

Backing card A6

Aluminium ‘Pocket Keepsake’ approx. 6.4cm x 5.4cm

Designed & Handmade In the UK.