Vicky Yorke Designs X Swaponz

Vicky is thrilled to have collaborated with Swaponz as part of their Designer Collections series. 
Swaponz InfiniteSwap™ Products have a 'magical' patented technology that allow you to have a virtually endless supply of images called Swaps, which firmly adhere to the Swaponz surface and can be changed over without leaving any sticky residue - this technology can be applied across lots of different types of products.

Vicky has launched a selection of mobile phone cases and Swap packs using some of her favourite designs so you can customise your device according to your mood or accessorise it with your outfit! Just snap the protective case on your phone and then you can swap out the design plates as often as you’d like. It's so fun and the possibilities are virtually endless!
Watch Vicky demonstrate how it works here:



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